Friday, August 9, 2013

Day 8: Aachen, Germany and Final Match vs. Vaesrade

::by Chris DelGiudice and Jay Cuttle

Today we awoke at 8:30AM and made our way down to the dinning room for yet another fantastic American style breakfast. After we had finished with breakfast and had a short regeneration session it was time for the team to board the bus and depart for our first destination of the day. Aachen, Germany is a magnificent town which was originally colonized by the Romans 2000 thousand years ago for its warm healthy spring water. The Romans believed it to have healing powers for anyone it touched. After arriving we made our way up toward the cathedral where we encountered the man responsible for our trip, Joe Totmam. Joe is the head of the Harvard Sports Group which put together this once in a lifetime trip. Joe explained to us how the Cathedral had been leveled during the second world war and was brought back to life by dedicated works who rebuilt it by hand. Upon entering the Cathedral it became very apparent the amount of work that was put into building such a masterpiece. After exiting the Cathedral we were given a chance to roam free throughout the city to shop, eat and explore. 

Next it was off to the Lindt chocolate factory where we were able to visit the outlet store. Amazing is the first word that comes to mind when entering this massive store. Everywhere you look there is shelves full of all different types of chocolate. Our next stop was Vaals, the highest point in Holland, where we made our way to the rock the is at the center of the three way intersection of Germany, Belgium and Holland. The team then made the short walk down the road to Restaurant de Bokkerijder. The view from the restaurant was priceless and the food just as amazing to compliment it. 

After finishing the pre-game meal we departed for the Vaesrade complex to prepare for our final match of the trip. The game was fought hard on both sides with Husson taking an early one goal lead through Stephen Berenyi. Vaesrade soon answered and fought hard until the end of the game. The final result was 4-1. This game brought an end to our matches in Europe giving us one draw three losses. The results were not what we had hoped for, but the experience at that level is something that stick with us all throughout the upcoming season. We arrived back in Sittard around 10:00PM and got ready to check out the city's night life. Two days and two professional matches to go on the trip.

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