Saturday, August 3, 2013

Day 3: Sittard and Match vs. VV Spaubeek

:: by Andy Stevick and Cam Libbey

On Saturday we walked into the quaint city of Sittard. The town was only a brisk ten minute walk from our hotel. We frantically dodged the many mopeds and bikes that were racing down the street. As we explored the inner city we discovered the local markets, as well as a wide variety of peculiar shops. The beautiful cobblestone streets led us to some brilliant Dutch cuisine. Our most frequent question to our waiters was, “What...?” 

After our meals we knew it was time to get in the zone for game time. Kick off was at 6 and we left the hotel around 4:30. Our opponent was V.V. Spaubeek, a club team in the area. We knew we were in the mecca of football when the club had personal training facilities accompanied by a clubhouse and pub. After our butterflies settled we managed to build up a two goal lead, but our opponents fought hard and ended up tying the game in stoppage time. Although it was disappointing to lose the lead there is a lot of confidence within our team that will carry over to our future matches. After the game we returned to the hotel and are currently resting up for an early kickoff tomorrow.

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