Saturday, August 3, 2013

Day 1 and 2: Trip Over and Amsterdam

:: by Kyle Hargreaves and Jay Cuttle

We departed from Bangor, on a lovely coach Cyr bus, at 9 am. Cleats, cameras, hopes, and dreams all packed we headed for Logan Airport to start our trip of a lifetime. After clearing customs and security we boarded our first flight at 5:30 pm headed for Madrid, Spain. After a grueling 6 hour flight, that felt like 14, we landed in Spain at 6 am local time. Another trip through customs and security later we were sprawled out on the M gate floor awaiting our connecting flight. A continuation of the never ending flight portion of our trip. After being scattered throughout the plane during the two hour flight to Brussels, we reconnected in the terminal and embarked for Sittard on the Coach Bus of the Year 2012. 

We arrived at the Sporthotel Sittard to check into our rooms, clean up, and head for Amsterdam. We arrived at the hotel at 1:30 and were on the road by 2. A short 2 and a half hour bus ride later left us in Amsterdam. We were given a short tour by Phil, our tour guide, around the city then embarked on our own adventures around Amsterdam. After getting lunch and exploring the city we reconvened and headed for the AJAX stadium for our first game over seas. AJAX is a top club in Holland and the defending champions of said league. AJAX faced Roda JC and won convincingly 3-0. The environment was electric when surrounded by 52, 000 other die hard AJAX fans. After such an amazing first day all that was left was the trip back to the hotel and passing out in an attempt to gather energy for the net days Husson match versus VV Spaubeek.

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