Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Day 5: Sightseeing in Maastricht and Valkenburg

::by Andrew Perkins, Jay Cuttle, Cam Libbey, and Andy Stevick

Our day began with an early breakfast at the hotel followed by a light run to regenerate our bodies after our game on Sunday. After the run we departed for the World War II memorial cemetery which turned out to be a very humbling experience. It was a once in a lifetime experience. There was a large monument with a reflecting pool. On both sides of the monument there was a wall which honored the fallen American soldiers from World War II. It was a very humbling experience which helped to bring us closer together as teammates and Americans.

Once we left the cemetery we took a short bus ride to Maastricht. There we received a leisurely tour of the historical sites of Maastricht. One of the highlights of the tour was when our tour guide, “Big Phil” showed us Hells Gate. Hells Gate was where the people who were infected by the plague were forced to leave the city, outside there was a small building where the nuns of the city treated them until their death.

We then took off for Valkenburg on the 2012 “Coach Bus of the Year.” As we arrived in the town, one of the first things we saw was a path leading to a historical tower which is now used as a tourist attraction that includes a zip line, a luge track, and a chair lift, as well as a restaurant and bar. Yet again our awesome tour guide “Big Phil" got us a group rate for the zip line and most of the team took the leap of faith off the tower. It was an exhilarating experience and was a high point of the day.

The rest of the day was spent shopping for family and friends and sightseeing before we headed back to our hotel. We are heading to Germany for the first time tomorrow and are looking forward to being exposed to yet another culture.

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